Edepson Gonzalez

Within the musical career of Edepson Gonzalez, we can mention many facets in which he performs, not only as an instrumentalist, but also as a musical producer and arranger.

He has studied piano at the Conservatory of Los Teques, directed by Juan Bautista Carreño, descendant of the great pianist Teresa Carreño , with David Ascanio at the Conservatory Simon Bolivar. Improvisation studies with the Gerry Weil, Charlie Banacos (Garry Dial), and Clare Fischer, icon of generations of jazz in the West Coast.

Multiple facets in the world of jazz, popular and academic music have given him the opportunity to perform in various stages as “side-man”, soloist and musical director. Such work gives him versatility in terms of the repertoire of world music, from ragtime, stride piano, bebop, blues to works by composers such as Juan Sebastian Bach, Mozart, Haydn, Scriabin, and composers of contemporary Venezuelan music.

He has shared stages in different countries, many places in Japan, Usa, Latin America and part of Europe.

His work as a session musician has led him to an average of more than 300 tracks in productions of different genres, in popular music, jazz, bagpipes, pop, among others.

Currently piano coordinator in the Big Band Caracas, active performer of the musical band Guaco as a keyboardist, producer / arranger of multiple national and international musical productions. The special project Duo Frank Di Polo / Edepson Gonzalez, from the Baroque to jazz and something more, highlights the specialty and versatility in the piano.

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